Thom Park & Associates, Inc


Thom Park & Associates, Inc.

Executive Coaching, Program Leadership Consulting, Career Advocacy, Contract Agency, Eclectic Counsel and Business Advisory Team Management to Football, Business and the Sports Industries

Dr. Park is currently principal of the Prescient Consulting Group. (See for additional information.) The Prescient Consulting Group focuses on capital formation and business leadership advisory.

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  • Advising athletic leadership on the complexities of modern sports business.
  • NCAA athletic consulting to the sports industry.
  • A professional resource for the football industry.

Serving the Football and Sports Industries

    1. Executive Coach - Coaching the Coach to enhance and optimize his executive performance in his complex role, identify areas of concern to strengthen, act as a sounding board on confidential issues, advise in professional relationship management, serve as mentor, teacher, role model, confidante, and advisor.
    2. Program Leadership Consultant - Advising the Coach on the leadership aspect to this job, assisting to enhance the effective leadership and management of the modern football organization, teaching the Coach principles of leadership, recommending learning resources, affirming applied elements of that knowledge base and professional discipline related to football to advance the organizational effectiveness through him.
    3. Career Advisor and Career Management Advocate - Refining, teaching and reaffirming to the Coach known and unrecognized elements of the profession, advising on job search, application, procurement, career advancement and management, interviewing techniques, job procurement strategies, cabinet building, deployment, and positional procurement advocacy.
    4. Contract Agency and Negotiation Consultant - Through our partnership with Professor and Attorney Martin J. Greenberg of Greenberg and Hoeschen, Inc., we bring to the Coach the industry's ultimate in contract formation, negotiation, renegotiation, construction, financial engineering, and termination.

Thomas R. Park, Ph.D., President and Principal
  1. Business and Financial Coaching and Eclectic Business Counsel - Utilizing the principles of Park's Paradigm for Coaches agency, we advise and consult in the many professional areas tangential to the business and financial functions faced by the Coach and his spouse. Thus, we provide global insights of value intrinsic to the profession unknown to typical coaches agents and lawyers acting as agents.
  2. Advisory "A" Team Establishment and Management - Advising, building and managing the Coach's "A" Advisory team with Park's Paradigm principles.
  3. Sports Case Strategist & Expert Witness - Advises lawyers and law firms on the merits and demerits of coaching and athletic employment legal matters; acts as consultant to them in working through legal processes regarding coaches; serves as expert witness in legal forums surrounding such matters.

Mission Statement of Purpose:

The fundamental purpose of our professional practice is to provide the career coach and athletic administrator with a comprehensive professional resource for sound career advice and good business counsel. We operate in the diverse areas outside of coaching or sports administration, which are often ignored or procrastinated upon by the coach or sports administrator due to demand overload and time constraints but yet are critical to his long-term career success. We partner with the coach and his spouse to address the complex career and business matters which have emerged around a career in the coaching or sports executive professions. Our goal is to help the career coach or executive in shaping and managing an effective coaching or administrative career through sound leadership, wise career and business decision making, effective career management, steady personal development, sound business counsel, wise financial perspective and good employment advice which from time to time includes all the elements of contract agency.

All of this is achieved through comprehensive career thinking tailored for each individual client. We seek to place and to keep the right people in the right seats and then to help them use their position for a positive influence on others through sport. We try to relieve our clients of some of the complex business burdens that arise during such a successful career by being their intellectual and informational resource. We seek to be the coach's career and business intellectual aide, principal advisor, sometimes mentor and often teacher and consultant in some specific technical areas but always a wise and trusted counselor. We provide consulting expertise to professional athletes in these areas as well. We seek to affiliate with the very best clients and the most competent professional resources in all ways possible.

We believe our professional practice to be unique to the football and sports industries. We certainly know of coaches' agents and lawyers but we know of no other executive coaches and program leadership consultants in the football industry who also handle the broad range of services and functions inclusive in our professional approach, including advising the spouse as required or requested, as well as the contract agency function. Who we are also is distinctly different from most sports agents in that we limit our retained clientele annually to only 50-75 sports clients comprised of football and basketball coaches, athletic administrators, sports executives and NFL athletes. Although we take contingency client work beyond those 50-75 retained clients, we seek to avoid the inherent conflicts of interest which inevitably arise by attempting to service too many clients in a crowded sports marketplace. Our low pricing requires non-exclusivity yet high quality advice is one of our key client service objectives. We truly try to function "one client at a time," since each sports client and family in the sports industry is truly unique.

Thom Park & Associates, Inc. Professional Services fit into the following Professional Service Tiers:

      1. Executive Coaching and Program Leadership Consulting
      2. Career Advocacy and Consulting
      3. Contract Agency and Negotiation
      4. Endorsement Agency
      5. Referrals to other required professionals
      6. Comprehensive Business Perspective and Analysis
      7. Specially Designed Consulting Assignments
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